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A jarring event

Today started like any other Monday. Wake up, shower, go to breakfast at my local diner, post my instagram photo, go to the studio. It was a productive morning and I got lots of work done by 1pm. So I decided to run out to get a drink of a large iced tea. The traffic was busy and the line was too long at McDonald's to wait, so I went Wendy's. A few blocks away I waited at a stop light at 29th and N. Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach, SC, listening to NPR. The screech of tires on the pavement from slamming brakes.....then crash! I was shakened, I was stunned, the change from my front car pouch flew up into the cup holders and the floor. My seat flew forward then back, my knee scraping the side drivers side door. I sat there stunned and shaking while I began to look around.

So what does this have to do with art?

1) Sometimes you have to do something to wake up your creative senses.

2) You have to get back to work even though something may have happened unexpectedly.

3) Use that experience to your advantage and create something to remember it, use all your senses.

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