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Why this blog matters?

Being an professional artist is more than just creating good art. To be successful you need to also find the time to market and sell your art, grow your audience and collectors, develop opportunities to show your art, new projects that require documenting your art, developing your process, find new inspiration and of course find time in the studio to create! Why does this matter? Well I am taking up the process of continuing a blog. This will be another attempt to document my life as an artist. More and more artists are being asked to give insight to their work. One way to showcase this is in a blog. So I will begin this journey with this post. The power is within me, and the power lies within you as well to follow me, have faith and believe in my journey as an artist.

The artwork is the start of a painting that I completed in 2013 when I was in the Escapism program. I like to start artworks with a positive message that I paint over. It fits with my main mission that Positive (Attitudes, Actions, Art) Change Everything!

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