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America, Land That I love

The final work:

"America, Land That I Love"

© William H. Miller, b. 1960


Acrylic on Canvas


Regarding the meaning of my work it starts with an image. (see attached abstract below). I started working on this piece thinking that I wanted to communicate several things. My love of country, My love of Texas, and something iconic and true to my abstract heart. I started with this abstract and instantly saw an eagle which I flushed out. Then I used the Lone Star with fields of blue and red to represent Texas. The eagle to me is a great symbol for America because it flies high, representing beauty, peace, power and escape. I am grateful to be in America as an artist and escapist to make my living and my life and express my love of freedom in this way. Positive Art Change Everything - William H. Miller

I am please to have this new work showing in Houston, Texas as part of the AMERICAN ESCAPISM show at the John Palmer Art. July 4th - July 11th, 2015. John Ross Palmer was a mentor of mine, and the founder of Escapism, breaking down the stereotype of the struggling artist. He mentors artists through his Escapism program.

This piece is currently available to see in person at John Palmer Art, 1218 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas 77008 Contact them 713-861-672 for an appointment to see this artwork in person.

Step 1: Abstract beginnings, finding the eagle within... this shows how I started.

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