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What is Black, White & Red all over?

Today I started what is to be my largest work to date. It is 70" H x 118" W. It is currently tacked up on my studio wall on which I need a step ladder to paint the top 1/3 of the canvas. At times I need to step back to the other edge of the studio (20 feet back) to make sure the marks I am making are what I envision in my head when I am close to the canvas. I paint with action and intuitively. This will be the first layer of many in which I add and paint away various areas of the canvas. I decided to try and limit myself to Black, White, & Red and the combinations that could happen when they are mixed. These paintings are usually done over a period of months so I thought no better place to share this large painting than on my blog so I can occasionally update you on the progress of my art marking and my thoughts.

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