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Your Story Matters

This artwork show is a collaboration of two neighbors in the new Arts & Innovation District of downtown Myrtle Beach.  Located on 8th Avenue North - William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art Gallery and Long Bay Theatre partnered together to create a show that shows off the literary, visual and vocal talents of our local artists.  

In February 2024 - a call for stories was sent out to writers and artists - after receiving 24 entries - Greg London and Kim Alexander juried the stories and chose 14 that would move on to be recorded and displayed with the accompanying artwork.  If a writer did not have the visual talent and artist was chosen to interpret their story in a visual format.

While artists were busy creating their artwork inspired by the selected stories, Long Bay Theatre actors were busy recording the narratives on to MP3 tracks.  Thank you to our vocal talent - Greg London, Kim Alexander, Sean Quinn, Kathryn Rossi, Aidan Gates, Maggie Smith, and Kelis Herriott for your efforts to bring the emotions of these words to life.

The stories were written and artwork created by Kathy Strauss, Patricia Ann Williamson-Ghannam, Lisa Jo Keith, Therese Bisceglia, Jacquelyn Kading, Sheryl Muzzillo, Ron Lord, Lorraine Dauphin, Judith Guild, Penny Gardin Lewis, Annett Saunders and William H. Miller.   Joy A. Meyers agreed to create a work of art inspired by writer, Donald Baker's story.

The artwork will be on display at the gallery - 702 8th Ave. N. in downtown Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 from May 18 through May 29...Tuesday - Saturday 1:00-5:00pm - a reception will be held on Saturday, May 18th 5:00-8:00pm.  Please join us!  Don't forget your smart phones and ear buds!

Story Artwork Coming Soon...
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