August 18, 2015

 Watch this amazing video about J.M.W. Turner, where he reveals the secret to being a successful artist.

August 4, 2015

Today started like any other Monday.  Wake up, shower, go to breakfast at my local diner, post my instagram photo, go to the studio.  It was a productive morning and I got lots of work done by 1pm.  So I decided to run out to get a drink of a large iced tea.  The traffic was busy and the line was too long at McDonald's to wait, so I went Wendy's.  A few blocks away I waited at a stop light at 29th and N. Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach, SC, listening to NPR.  The screech of tires on the pavement from slamming brakes.....then crash! I was shakened, I was stunned, the change from my front car pouch flew up into the cup holders and the floor.  My seat flew forward then back, my knee scraping the side drivers side door. I sat there stunned and shaking while I began to look around.  


So what does this have to do with art?


1)  Sometimes you have to do something to wake up your creative senses.

2)  You have to get back to work even though something may have ha...

July 13, 2015

This question came from Alan Sears.  This is interesting because Alan and I met while I was working for Genigraphics in New York & New Jersey where I was a top sales person selling computer graphic business presentations.  My main clients were pharmaceutical, telecommunications and household product companies.  In the late 80s and 90s I felt like I was out of my element being a sales person becuase my BFA degree was in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design.  I used my creative abilities to act not only as an account executive but an art director as well.  Being able to create on the spot with clients I believe made me a successful salesperson.  I continued this path joining AT&T Business as a account exective selling Internet related solutions.  AT&T is a great company becuase they invest in their employees to make sure they are well trained in sales techniques, negiotation tactics, and marketing.  After a number of years I joined the creative marketing team for AT&T Local...

July 6, 2015

Today I started what is to be my largest work to date.  It is 70" H x 118" W.   It is currently tacked up on my studio wall on which I need a step ladder to paint the top 1/3 of the canvas.  At times I need to step back to the other edge of the studio (20 feet back) to make sure the marks I am making are what I envision in my head when I am close to the canvas. I paint with action and intuitively. This will be the first layer of many in which I add and paint away various areas of the canvas.  I decided to try and limit myself to Black, White, & Red and the combinations that could happen when they are mixed.  These paintings are usually done over a period of months so I thought no better place to share this large painting than on my blog so I can occasionally update you on the progress of my art marking and my thoughts.